Case Study – Bot Monitoring Solution

Automated bot monitoring solution for a large financial services organization.


In the Financial services sector, our client had adopted automation, utilizing both attended and unattended bots.

However, the manual tracking of bot operations became a significant challenge, leading to various issues such as unhandled exceptions, deployment failures, and bots getting stuck in running or queue states.


Financial Services

Processes Automated

Automation of bot monitoring, for any errors and deployment failures. 

Current Challenges

Despite the success in automating key processes, our client faced on-going maintenance challenges, including:

  • Manual monitoring leading to resource inefficiencies
  • Delays and errors in identifying and addressing bot issues

Automation Objectives

  • The goal was to fully automate the monitoring process through a cron job, continuously polling logs from A360 Control Room. The automated system would detect scenarios such as unhandled exceptions or deployment failures and notify the appropriate teams through various communication channels.

Solution Summary

We developed the solution using Python script which is deployed on CircleCI, running on a scheduled Cron job. The script utilizes A360 Control Room APIs to fetch bot run details, checks for predefined conditions, and sends notifications to relevant teams through Slack. Configuration details are stored in a Google sheet for easy retrieval.

The offered solution successfully automated:

  • Continuous monitoring of bot activities
  • Notification of Support team/Stakeholders about Production Bots Run status.
  • Automated redeployment of bots in case of deployment failures


The implemented Bot Monitoring System brought about significant outcomes:

  • Savings in Resources and Expenses: The automated system eliminated the need for manual monitoring, resulting in cost savings.
  • Mitigation of Delays and Errors: Immediate responses to bots stuck in production and automated redeployment in case of deployment failures ensured streamlined operations.